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Options for Red Cross CNA Classes | Certified Nursing Assistant

Options for Red Cross CNA Classes

Options for Red Cross CNA Classes

It must be your aim to enter health care field for availing easy employment opportunities. But, it is also necessary that to get legal working permission in various nursing field, you are required to complete state and OBRA-87 approved CNA training program and earn CNA Certification by passing competency evaluation test.

It is also known fact that due to the advancement in the medical field, most of the distinguished health care facilities seek certified nurse aides, who are well qualified with quality training programs for offering competent care to patients in various health care facilities.

An aspiring CNA student can avail quality certified nurse aide programs from American Red Cross CNA Classes that are offered in 36 states of United States of America. By following the option of Red Cross Classes, a student can easily get recruited to health care field job with lucrative salary.

The students also have the option to appear for both campus based classroom instruction and online Red Cross Classes, which are offered in few states.

Characteristics of Red Cross Classes

The characteristics of Red Cross Classes include:

  • The training offered is nationally approved curriculum, which is very rigorous.
  • Red Cross follows specific state and federal provisions needed for the program.
  • Quality training is the motto of Red Cross.
  • Both Written theoretical classroom instruction and Clinical hands-on experience is offered.
  • Students are needed to complete Practical projects under the supervision of seniors.
  • The instructors are highly qualified and trained.

Further, a student is required to be punctual in the class and must attend all classes, though he/she has the option of missing 6 hours of total classes offered and, if more than permitted hours are missed, the students are required to make up for lost classes.

The duration of the training program varies as per specific state CNA program requirements but most of the programs can be completed within 3 to 6 weeks. Students can also avail the option of attending day or evening classes, as few state Red Cross Chapter also offer evening classes for the benefit of the working professionals.

In addition, it is also essential that to earn Red Cross Certification Card, your minimum scoring must be 80% & above.

Red Cross Classes Prerequisites

It is also essential to note that though you might have selected Red Cross Classes option for your training program but there are also certain prerequisites that must be completed for eligibility to get enrollment into the Red Cross programs and they include:

  • Participating students must be ready to bear their own transportation charges for visiting classroom and the clinical site.
  • Test fee of $100, which is needed to be submitted one week before final state assessment is non-refundable.
  • Minimum age of 18 years is essential for admission
  • Criminal background check must be free of criminal record for 7 years.
  • Pregnancy of the student may deny his/her admission.
  • Screening fees of $ 35 must be submitted, which is refundable except if the student is suffering from tuberculosis or fail to clear background check.

If it is your desire to obtain quality CNA Training to become a competent nurse aide, you have the option of Red Cross CNA Classes.