Different Types of CNA Job Duties

Different Types of CNA Job Duties

You may have zeal for humanitarian cause and accordingly aiming to enter health care field to execute various types of CNA Job Duties for caring suffering patients in different kind of health care settings.

State and Federal Requirements to offer Nursing Cares

But, are you aware that to get employed in any hospital, rehabilitation center, long term care facility, nursing homes or work as a Home health Aides, Travel Nurse or Private CNA Jobs, you are required to complete state and OBRA-87 offered training program, which train you in numerous nursing care duties that are essential for offering everyday care to ailing patients in these facilities. Even, the congress has passed Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act 1987, (OBRA-87) to safeguard the public health and mandates that a certified nurse aide must be well trained and fully qualified through training programs of minimum 75 hours to offer quality and competent CNA Job Duties and their competency must be evaluated through competency evaluation tests.

Therefore, once you complete your training programs, you will have to appear for the state CNA Certification test to evaluate your nursing competency and passing of the exam awards you certification, gets you listed with the state Nurse Aide Registry and also grants you legal working permit for different types of health care settings.

When you get employed in any health care settings, you may have to execute various types of CNA Job Duties as demanded by the facility you are employed with. Though the nursing skills instructed to you are applicable for all CNA jobs but different facility requires different set of skills.

The primary CNA Job Duties & Responsibilities that are required to be executed by you include:

Basic nursing Cares, where you are required to perform counting and measurement of Temperature, Pulse, Respiration and Blood pressure. You are also required to measure and record the height and weight, fluid intake and output, change bandages, clean wounds, collect specimen and others.

Data Collection and Reporting – You must also be proficient in technical skills for collecting and recording data and documentation of the same for future reference and for checking by the RN or Physician.

Emergency Care and CPR skills can assist you in offering immediate cares to save the life of a victim before proper and advance cares are provided. For example, resident under you care or you are traveling to attend a patient to distant location and suddenly the patient suffers cardiac arrest and gasping for breath. The knowledge about the use of CPR will help you in saving the life of patient, as you can quickly act by using CPR and AED, till proper care is offered to patient.

Safe and Infection control skills –helps you prevent infection spread in and around health care facility. You can control infection spread by proper hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, donning of gloves and masks, and by applying other infection control measures.

In addition it is also your responsibility to offer Personal Cares, Mental Health Cares, Restorative Cares, Physiological Cares, Care of dementia or cognitively suffered patients.

Hospital Nurse Job Duties

You must also understand that the CNA Job Duties that will be executed by you may vary differently in different facility. For example working in a hospital may require you to attend incoming and outgoing patient of any age group, supply medications as per physician’s direction to these patients or you may have to bear important responsibility while working in intensive care unit or Operation Theater of the hospital. You may have to assist Registered Nurses to sterilize and disinfect the medical instruments used during the surgeries along with various common job responsibilities.

Nursing Home Nurse Job Duties

But, your job responsibilities in nursing homes are mainly concentrated on offering personal and basic nursing cares to long term ageing patients of these facilities. You may also have to perform little house keeping works, answer their call lights, provide them constant emotional care by forming a strong bond with them. In these facilities you must also respect the privacy and confidentiality of the patient because you will be in constant company with them for longer period of time. Further, you must also try to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of these patients.

Further, you must also understand the Role of a Nurse Aide in different types of facilities because to perform different roles you must be competent on your communication and interpersonal skills, respect and promote Client’s Right, know about Legal and Ethical Behavior.

In a health care facility you will work under the direct supervision of a Physician or Registered Nurse and you are required to report constantly to RN about the condition of the patient. You will also be an important member of health care team in a facility and assist RN and Physician when they prepare health care plan of the patient under your care.

But, whatever may be your CNA Job Duties, you must possess compassionate nature and humble behavior to offer nursing cares to different types of patients because in a facility you are only the one who stays constantly with the patient and elevate their sprit.